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Original Amish barn stars - 77cm. The stars are made from recycled tin sheets from barn roofs. They have been handmade by the Amish community in Pennsylvania as they have done for hundreds of years. As they are handmade each one is different, they have many marks and imperfections and the paintwork is intentionally distressed and flaking which gives each their character. Each colour star has its own meaning.


The stars are the second largest size in the last photo.


There is metal strap on the back of each star so they can be hung on a wall by a nail. As we many of each colour in stock the one in the photo will not be the one sent, they are all very similar but each is unique, please contact us if you want to see a photo of the one you will receive.


The original meanings were:

Black means protection, also used to blend or bind elements together.

Blue means protection, peace, calmness and spirituality.

Brown means mother earth, also can mean friendship and strength.

Green means growth, fertility, success in things and ideas that grow.

Orange means abundance in career, projects and matters needing an added push.

Red means emotions, passion, charisma, lust and also creativity.

Violet means things that are sacred.

White means purity, power of the moon, allows energy to flow freely.

Yellow metal stars mean health in body and mind, love of man and the sun, connection to God.



Width: 77cm

Height: 77cm

Depth: 10cm


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Original Amish Barn Star - 77cm