Vintage Ercol…




Our love of vintage Ercol furniture continues here at Owl and the Elephant. Plenty of pieces have come through our workshop and I can hand on heart say that all have been in good condition. Yes, there may have been a slight wobble to one or two of the joints (easily fixed) and a few bumps and scrapes here and there (which adds to the charm of the piece) but nothing significant and for an item of furniture heavily used for over 50 years that’s pretty impressive! Vintage Ercol furniture has become a much sought after British classic and Ercol are making some of these models again in their ‘Originals’ range.

One of our particular favourites are these Ercol model 392 1950s stackable chairs which we currently have in stock. The design is simple, classic and functional.





Another favourite is this model 393 table, it works perfectly for its original use as a kitchen or dining room table but also as a desk for working at home or in the study.





Here are some other classics, all of which are sturdy, stylish and most importantly, comfortable! We are always on the lookout for new stock so please get in touch if you have anything you think may be of interest.



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